Recent Case Studies for OvoControl P

College Campus — OvoControl performance at Pima College, a community college campus in Tucson, AZ.  Read the full report.

Chemical Plant — OvoControl at a large chemical manufacturing facility in South Carolina.  Read the full report.

Hospital — OvoControl at Memorial Hermann, a large health care complex in Houston, TX.  See the reference letter from hospital staff.  Reat the full report.

Hotel — OvoControl at the Riverside Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.  See the reference letter from hotel management.  Read the full report.

Condominium — OvoControl at a large condominium complex in Minneapolis, MN.  Read the full report.

Small City — OvoControl in Walla Walla, WA.  See the project description by the technician or read the full report.

Power Plant — OvoControl at a nuclear power facility in Arizona.  Read the full report.

Strip Mall — OvoControl at a strip mall in San Diego, CA.  Read the full report.

Case Studies — Summary Guide for OvoControl case studies.