OvoControl in Walla Walla, WA

Located in the southeastern corner of Washington State, Walla Walla has agrarian roots, known for sweet onions and more recently, fine vineyards. Together with agriculture, Walla Walla also has a history of pigeons, especially in the downtown shopping area. The original population was estimated at roughly 120 pigeons.  Small towns generally have well defined and discreet flocks that are easily targeted with an OvoControl baiting program.

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait that interferes with the reproduction of treated birds, causing the population to decline through attrition.  This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing pigeon flocks in larger areas without having to resort to poisons and their associated risks.

Introduced and managed by Sun Pest Management in Walla Walla, an OvoControl automatic feeder was installed on a Main Street building, in the heart of the shopping area. Subsequently, additional feeders were added at the nearby Whitman College campus.  Within two seasons, the pigeon population was down to a fraction of the starting point. According to Russ Craber, President of Sun Pest Management,

Homeless pigeons

“We still use OvoControl in Walla Walla, WA, although the drastically reduced pigeon flocks that once terrorized downtown pedestrians and business owners only a few years ago are now at a nominal level. In fact, we’re using much less OvoControl now because it works so well!

Once the population declines to an acceptable level, OvoControl application continues, but in a maintenance, rather than treatment mode.

Read the full report by the responsible technician, Paul Zimmerman, from Sun Pest Control in Walla Walla, WA.