OvoControl in St. Paul, MN

OvoControl P represents a pigeon control tool, ideal for large urban areas where exclusion or removal is not necessarily practical or cost effective. By preventing eggs from hatching, OvoControl acts to gradually reduce the population. Treated sites typically report a reduction of 50%, annually. Additionally, OvoControl can be integrated into other bird mitigation programs including removal and exclusion techniques for the best possible outcome.

Due to its position as a transportation hub for grain and other agricultural goods, St. Paul, MN has tolerated large flocks of feral pigeons, especially in downtown areas. In fact, the extensive pigeon numbers in the area were implicated in the bridge failure in the other side of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis.

Pigeon at lunch

With encouragement from environmental groups, St. Paul conducted a successful OvoControl pilot program in a downtown area. Starting with just a single feeder, St. Paul, MN has concentrated their resources on a population management program to help reduce the number of pigeons in the downtown shopping area. Area businesses have been recruited to “volunteer” their rooftops for feeder installations. The Securian center already installed its own feeder which is operational.

The pilot program succeeded in reducing the local pigeon flock to just a fraction of its starting point. An expanded program to treat a larger part of St. Paul was introduced in spring, 2012. The larger program was financed in part by the Building Owners and Managers Association (“BOMA”).