Pigeon Control in Hollywood, CA

City centers or dense urban areas are very common sites for large or multiple flocks of pigeons to gather. Years of artificial feeding in Hollywood neighborhoods created large pigeon flocks that damaged infrastructure and buildings.  Laura Dodson, President of The Argyle Civic Association (“ACA”) estimated that Hollywood’s flocks exceeded 5,000 birds, maintained by daily feeding in many different locations.

Hollywood, CA tackled their problem with six OvoControl feeding stations located at strategic rooftops in the impacted areas. The Argyle Civic Association, a neighborhood association, recruited local businesses to fund the program through a Los Angeles based pest control company. Following consultation with the community, ACA recommended practical control methods and a program of public education. Central to the management program was birth control technology represented by OvoControl.

In July 2007, ACA launched the “Citizen Pigeon” program.  Two years following deployment of the program, the ACA estimates that the population of pigeons has declined more than 50%.  The Hollywood section of Los Angeles is a densely populated urban area with multiple large flocks of birds.  The populations of birds in large sections of Hollywood were successfully reduced.