OvoControl P Now Approved for More Birds!

OvoControl is now registered for the control of the following pest birds,

Rock Dove or Feral Pigeon
Feral pigeon control

The Rock Dove (columba livia or feral pigeon) originally from the European continent can now be found everywhere with the exception of Antartica. Male pigeons court their mate with a characteristic ritual. This includes bowing, cooing, inflating his throat, regurgitating food, and grasping the mate’s bill. Mating can occur in all seasons, although spring and fall are the most common times for reproduction.  

Yellow-Headed Blackbird
blackbird problem

Yellow-headed blackbirds (xanthocephalus xanthocephalus) breed in North America and nest near lakes. They migrate in the winter and spend much of their time fighting off intruders. This blackbird species can attract up to eight mates within their territory, which they protect from other intruders.

Brown Headed Cowbird

The Brown-headed cowbird (molothrus ater) is found in North America. Females spend most of their time making the nest for their eggs. The males are known to be aggressive and competitive. These birds are parasitic parents so they lay their eggs in other nests and relies on others will raise their young.

Red Wing Blackbird
Red Winged Blackbird (agelaius phoeniceus) There is a copious amounts of Red Winged Blackbirds across North America. They spend most of their breeding sitting and singing high above their territories. Red-Winged Blackbirds flock with many other birds during the fall and winter, in addition to mating with the territory holder or other nearby males.

Red-winged blackbird (agelaius phoeniceus) are found across North America. They spend most of their breeding season sitting and singing high above their territories. Red-winged blackbirds flock with many other birds during the fall and winter, in addition to mating with the territory holder or other nearby males.

Brewers Blackbird

Brewers blackbird’s (euphagus cyanocephalus) breeding habitat is mainly in open areas near water throughout Northern and Central America. They tend to stay in flocks during the winter and may breed all year long. Adult male Brewer’s blackbirds have purple-green plumage during the breeding season.

Boat-Tailed Crackle

The Boat-tailed grackle (quiscalus major) are coastal species and mainly live in Florida. Females stay in their nests during breeding season and the non-breeding birds leave the colony. Only the leading males are allowed to stay within the colony to mate.

Common Myna

The Common myna (acridotheres tristis) is native to Asia and can be found in the south-east coasts of Australia. This bird finds a mate for life and will breed April to July. Common myna are known to compete for their nesting sites during breeding season.  

European Starling

European starlings (sturnus vulgaris) originated from southern and western Europe and Asia and have migrated all across the world. They attempt to mate one to two times a year during the spring and summer.

Common Grackle

The Common grackle (quiscalus quiscula) is largely found in Northern America in agriculture, city parks and suburban areas. During breeding season males show dominance against other males to scare them away. They are also known for their unique songs that vary during the breeding season.

Great Tailed Grackle

The Great-tailed grackle (quiscalus mexicanus) inhabits North and South America. Males establish breeding territories in one or more trees in the early spring. Dominant males will have one or more social mates and continue to mate with other females, while females will mate with just one social mate.

Bronzed Cowbird

The Bronzed cowbird (molothrus aeneus) is a Central American bird that breeds in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana. The Bronzed cowbirds have red eyes during the breeding season. This bird also lays their eggs in other nests.