Pigeon Control at a Hotel/Casino

Ideal for large sites where exclusion or removal is not necessarily practical or cost effective OvoControl P represents a pigeon control tool. By preventing eggs from hatching, OvoControl acts to gradually reduce the population. Treated sites typically report a reduction of 50%, annually.

In this example, the Riverside Casino in Laughlin, NV had a relatively modest, but bothersome, population of 150 pigeons concentrated in the RV Park that adjoins the hotel property.  The number of pigeons in the Park had grown out of control.  The Park has restroom facilities located throughout the RV parking area — one of these rooftops served as a convenient location to place a an automatic OvoControl feeder.

Pigeons waiting for food

Starting with a single feeder, birds were conditioned to the early morning baiting routine.  In this program, birds were pre-baited with corn for several weeks and then transitioned to OvoControl.  Although there is adequate water in the area, brutally high temperatures during the summer contributes to a rapid turnover of the population.

Beginning with approximately 2 pounds of OvoControl per day, the population shrank to just a few birds during the first 12 months of treatment. The amount of bait was reduced in parallel to the declining population of birds.  The feeder continues in operation, but at a very low application rate.