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Pigeon Control MethodsInnolytics is located in San Clemente, CA. We are a privately held company developing contraceptive technology for wildlife. Innolytics’ product, OvoControl P (brand of nicarbazin) represents contraceptive control for pigeons. OvoControl is available directly through Innolytics or your Pest Management Professional.

Birth Control for Birds

Innolytics’ patented technology was developed in collaboration with USDA/APHIS. The non-lethal and humane technology interferes with the hatchability of eggs. The product is fed to birds during the reproductive season, effectively, “birth control” for birds.

About OvoControl Birth Control for Pigeons About OvoControl Technology

Like a contraceptive, the effects of OvoControl are fully reversible. The company has designed a controlled baiting system that virtually eliminates any impact on non-target birds. An automatic feeder is triggered at dawn and ensures that birds consume OvoControl quickly and efficiently, reducing any opportunity for non-target exposure.

This technology complements other techniques of bird management such as habitat modification, physical barriers, and hazing methods.

Detailed studies have confirmed that the active ingredient in OvoControl is environmentally benign. Furthermore, the hatchability of eggs from a bird of prey, such as a falcon, is not at risk by consuming treated pigeons.

This new technology is ideal for larger areas where some pigeons can be tolerated but a reduction in population is needed.  Ideal locations to use OvoControl include manufacturing facilities, power plants, oil refineries, chemical production and hospitals. Other suitable sites include transportation hubs, dense urban areas, hotels, schools and airports.

OvoControl in Action via Automatic Bird Feeder

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Iconic international landmark turns to birth control for birds

One of the tourist attractions in Barcelona and other parts of Europe is feeding pigeons in plazas and patios of historical landmarks. However, the birds have increasingly become a problem for the past decade as they tend to trash the city, turning it into a giant dump.

The Barcelona government has considered expert advice to successfully perform the operation of bird control without harming the birds. Results will be analyzed after the first year to see how the new “feeding system” will affect the general health of the pigeons. The operation is expected to cut down the pigeons’ population by as much as 80 percent in the next five years.


USDA publishes new brochure on wildlife contraception.

In addition to Colorado State University, the headquarters for the National Wildlife Research Center, a USDA/APHIS federal laboratory, is located in Fort Collins, CO.  Research and development of wildlife contraception has been a core focus for the research center over the past 20 years.  The facility recently published a new brochure entitled, “Using Fertility Control To Manage Wildlife Populations and Disease” describing their work in the field, including the development of OvoControl for pigeons.


Singapore Success Story

“SINGAPORE – Call it birth control for birds.

A corn-based feed containing a drug called nicarbazin, which stops female birds from producing eggs or causes them to lay eggs that do not hatch, has helped to reduce the pigeon population outside Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh mosque by 60 to 70 per cent. The population of 400 birds there has dropped to between 120 to 160. The Straits Times recently published an article on feeding pigeons nicarbazin, the active ingredient in OvoControl, in Singapore.  Click here to view the original article.

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