Pigeon Control in Tampa

OvoControl P, a pigeon population management tool, represents an ideal solution for large sites where exclusion or removal is not necessarily practical or cost effective.  By preventing eggs from hatching, OvoControl acts to gradually reduce the population.  Treated sites typically report a reduction of 50%, annually.  Additionally, OvoControl can be integrated into other bird mitigation programs including removal and exclusion techniques for the best possible outcome.

Especially in Florida, sprawling residential housing developments often represent pigeon havens.  Encouraged by well-meaning human feeders and a potpourri of harborage, pigeons become very comfortable in the accommodating environment.  While it is impractical to wrap a net around the entire development, or even an entire house, deployment of a contraception program based on OvoControl is efficient and cost effective in a wide open community.

Begin with a single automatic feeder at a common location in the development -- preferably on a flat rooftop (detailed instructions).  Start by baiting the birds with cracked corn at a rate of 1 pound/80 birds/day.  Evaluate bird numbers and begin to incorporate OvoControl.  Once the first feeder is operational, select another location for a second automatic feeder.  Each feeder will accomodate up to 150 pigeons.

Since pigeons are territorial, neighboring flocks from the adjoining community do not move into the area.  The OvoControl program has been especially successful under the near perfect, year-round pigeons breeding climate of Central and South Florida.