OvoControl at a Manufacturing PlantChemical Plant

Large size and scope are common themes for an OvoControl application at manufacturing facilities.  Pigeons are very mobile pests and can move around freely from one area of the plant to the next.  Therefore, a pigeon control program based on OvoControl has exceptional utility in these large sites where traditional bird control methods may not be appropriate or cost effective.

Flying PigeonsMany different large manufacturing facilities, especially ones that produce heat, are favorite havens for pigeons.  In most cases, one to three feeders will allow the site to reduce the pigeon population gradually without the reinfestation pressure so common in poisoning or trapping programs. OvoControl has demonstrated success in paper mills, oil refineries, food production and pharmaceutical plants.

While baiting birds without killing them may seem counter intuitive to some applicators, the successful long-term use of OvoControl at a wide range of different manufacturing facilities demonstrates otherwise.  OvoControl is very easy to use in a manufacturing facility -- see the website for additional application hints and a User's Guide.