Feeders, Cameras and Accessories

Automatic Feeder - (IN-12608)

Large, tripod feeder specially modified for dispensing OvoControl baitNew feeder_rgb_0913 (3)
  • Automatic, programmable feeder at an economic price
  • Optimized for OvoControl application
  • Digital timer for precise bait administration
  • Recommended for flocks of 20 or more birds
  • Feeds up to 150 birds at a time
  • Holds more than 120lbs of OvoControl bait
  • 6 volt battery included
  • Solar panel and rechargeable battery (optional)
  • Some assembly required
More Details, User Manual, Directions for Use, Flyer

Directional Feeder - (IN-DIRFEEDER)

Automatic feeder for small flocks or small places
  • Same reliability as broadcast feeders 
  • Elliptical broadcast footprint
  • Recommended for flocks of less than 80 birds
  • Holds up to 25lbs of OvoControl bait
  • 6 volt battery included
  • Rechargable battery and solar panel (optional)
  • Suspend over baiting site
  • PVC tripod available (optional)
  • Fully assembled and mounted on 5 gallon bucket
More Details, User Manual, Directions for Use

Automatic Digital Camera - (IN M880)

Accurately evaluate bird numbers
  • Records feeding activity at OvoControl baiting site
  • Automatically captures images with a thermal trigger
  • Small format camera -- light weight
  • Records images and video clips
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries -- up to one year battery life
  • "KIT" comes with tripod, memory cards, reader and batteries (optional)

Pigeon Tracker Log -- track pigeon numbers with this handy spreadwheet