OvoControl G

Users Guide

  • Begin any project by READING THE LABEL. OvoControl is an EPA registered pesticide and the label includes all directions and use restrictions.  Make sure that you are familiar with label directions to ensure that you are in compliance with the law.
  • OvoControl G for resident Canada geese requires a federal and, depending on your location, a state permit.  See the 3-200-13 USF&WS Depredation Permit Form - for more information.  Contact your local Fish & Wildlife office to confirm permitting requirements.
  • OvoControl G for ducks does NOT require a federal or state permit.
  • OvoControl consists of a daily baiting program.  The geese or ducks must be conditioned to arrive at the selected baiting site each morning for a dose of OvoControl.
  • Pick an area close to where the birds are nesting and convenient for administering bait each morning.  Use an automatic feeder if appropriate for the site.
  • Begin the process by pre-baiting with cracked or whole corn, semi-soft dog food kibbles or other bait suitable for the birds.  Use approximately 1 pound of pre-bait for 20 birds.  Administer bait shortly after sunrise.   
  • If using an automatic feeder, set it to trigger shortly after sunrise.  See Calibrating an Automatic Feeder to ensure your feeder is delivering the appropriate quantity of pre-bait or OvoControl.
  • Once the birds are feeding regularly, count the number of birds and ensure that no non-target birds are present.
  • Begin the transition from pre-bait to OvoControl by mixing them together.  The transition process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on bird behavior.
  • OvoControl G is applied at a rate of 1 ounce/bird/day.  Gradually increase the portion of OvoControl until completely converted from pre-bait.
  • Periodically monitor the baiting site to ensure geese or ducks are present and non-target birds are not consuming the bait.
  • Periodically adjust bait quantity and feeder consistent with bird numbers.