OvoControl G

"Birth Control" for Resident Canada Geese and Ducks

While the Canada goose is a symbol of wildlife in North America, the population of resident geese in the United States and Canada has increased dramatically and shows no signs of declining.  These close cousins of migrating Canada geese impact the quality of life for many people in parks, campuses and urban communities.

OvoControl, "birth control" for resident Canada geese and ducks offers an effective and humane tool to help manage the population of these birds.  The product is administered to the birds in the form of pigeon friendly pellets as a once-a-day snack.  OvoControl is non-hazardous and supported by all of the leading animal welfare organizations including the Humane Society and ASPCA and conservation groups, Audubon and the Peregrine Fund.

The technology complements other programs of bird management such as habitat modification, physical barriers and hazing methods.  OvoControl is very effective and will interfere with hatchability in approximately 95% of the eggs from treated birds.

To learn more read the Directions for Use.